Where Do You Learn?

The classroom portion of your training is done at Scuba ZOO in our training room or online through PADI at , the pool portion is done in the Grand Haven Aquatic Center at the High School and the open water dives are completed at West Lake.


Classroom Sessions

Classroom requires independent study time of approximately 6 hours. Prior to the beginning of the class, students are expected to read the course manual, view the course video and complete 5 sets of knowledge review quizzes. Students may not participate in a class until the independent study has been completed. Classroom will take place on the first day with pool sessions in the evening.

Pool Sessions

Once classroom has been done, pool work will begin. You will be fitted for gear at the shop and will need to have your own mask, fins and snorkel for pool work. You will spend approximately 7 hours in the pool over the course of two days, learning and developing basic scuba diving skills.

Open Water Training Dives

Open water training dives are conducted over the course of two days at West Lake, which is only 1 mile from the ZOO. On each of these two days, an instructor will lead the student on 2-3 open water dives further developing students knowledge and diving skills.


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