CoCo Veiw, Roatan.












A Flamingo Tounge.  


 A Peacock Flounder.  A very unusual fish,  they start out like any fish and as they grow, their eye rotates to the top of the head, so both eyes end up on the same side of their head.  


Bristle Stars:  there were all over this piece of coral.


 This is him and what I first saw.   This was right at where the boat was moored!  


 My favorite critter.  A small Octopus.  He was peeping up through the coral head during the day.


Scorpion Fish.  They look like rocks or parts of the coral, but this guy was right on the sandy bottom.


I thought this Sea Fan looked like it was in pretty good condition and quite large.


Lots of Lobsters running around.  Most of them were quite large!!!


This is a File Fish.  There were three of them that came into the area, I video taped, but this was the best picture.  


Giant Grouper.  This fellow hung out on the wreck of the Prince Albert right out in the front of the resort.


Sea Horse!!!  We saw 4 different ones while diving,  this was the best one!!!!

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